Bonus day

If you had an extra day in Spain would you spend it in Granada or Seville?'

Posted by Ed
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How many days for each to you have planned already?

Posted by Ed
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Seville or anywhere else. You already have an over-kill on Granada. Seville is right on the borderline.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Ooh, yes, Cordoba if you don't already have it on your itinerary. La Mezquita is incredible!

Posted by Tim
Wyckoff, NJ, USA
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Both of these are picturesque cities with lots to do. I'd consider nearby day trips, like Carmona and Italica, even Jerez, from Seville. I think there's slightly more to do in Seville, although Granada is lovely. Doesn't Seville have better or faster access to Cordoba?

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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Impossible to say without knowing more about your trip. Where else are you going and for how long? What kind of things do you like (and dislike)? To me, 3 days is enough (maybe more than enough) for Sevilla, and is too much for Granada (unless you're talking about a really long trip and/or you've been there/done that everywhere else). I'd probably do 2 nights/1 day in Granada, and 3 nights/2 days in Sevilla, and spend days elsewhere.

Posted by Judy
Victoria, Canada
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Thanks everyone! Since we already have 2 days in Cordoba, 2 in Jarez and have booked accommodation for the front end of our 3 weeks in Spain the easiest thing for me to do is book another night in Seville. We fly home from there. My husband is vision impaired so we're keeping things simple (no day side-trips, etc.) as we are doing all the planning/booking on our own. This has been great. Thanks again.