Biking to Oostende from Brugge

Is this a feasible idea for two people to accomplish? Our plan as of right now is to rent bikes in Brugge, bike over to Oostende, and swim in the ocean, then bike along the Atlantic Wall there. How log would this take approximately? Alternatively, would it make more sense to take public transportation to Oostende and bike from there? Thanks so much.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I haven't biked it, but I know the region- it's completely flat. I estimate it would take probably more than an hour to reach Oostende, but less than two. I like the towns on the Belgian coast, but the coastal road isn't that scenic. Sand dunes block your view of the ocean for large portions of it.

Posted by Hille
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As an alternative you could consider renting a bike in Haarlem and biking west to Zuid-Kennemerland National Park, where there are trails through the sand dunes and eat lunch at a cafeteria-type place (Parnassia aan Zee? right on the beach), and swim in the North Sea (a bit chilly). I don't know if it is always that gorgeous deep blue color, but it was awesome when I was there. (I'm planning to do this again in September.)

Posted by Liz
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Thank you both very much. Your advice has shaped our decision. We are so excited about this trip!