Best Way to Travel Between Staufen/Strasbourg/Lucerne?

I'm trying to plan for a trip over the Thanksgiving Break and really need some help! Using Staufen as a base, I'd like to see a bit of the Black Forest (Freiburg, etc.) as well as Strasbourg and Lucerne. I'd like to not have to take a car, so what would be the best value as far as train tickets? A Eurail pass? A Bahn card? (I live in Germany.) Also, would a KONUS card cover a trip to say, Hohenzollern and/or Lichtenstein Castle(s)? (Are those even worth seeing?) Any good itinerary suggestions for 6 days? I'd like to see: Freiburg, Strasbourg, Colmar, Lucerne, Hohenzollern Castle, Lichtenstein Castle, etc. Is this possible to do without a car? Any other suggestions (especially castles closer to Freiburg area) would be appreciated. Thanks so much!