Best way to see Munich, Rothenburg, Castles and Salzburg

I'm in the process of mapping out what to see and how to see it in a 6 day time period in Germany next spring. From Munich we'd like to see Rothenburg, Neuschwanstein, and Salzburg. First of all is seeing all of this in 6 days feasible? Secondly, would it be best use Munich as a home base and day trip to these places via train, or should we attack it with a couple of nights in each spot? Renting a car could be considered, however, it will be myself and my 16 year old daughter. I've never driven in, or even been to Germany and having her as a navigator makes me somewhat nervous. Your thoughts? Thanks so much! Jeannie

Posted by Russ
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All your destinations can be reached using the Bayern (Bavaria) Ticket (a daypass, 26€ for two people.) The Bavarian train network is extensive and efficient. 6 days should be OK. Bayern Ticket information You would need to spend at least a night in Rothenburg since it's just too far from Munich to make it a daytrip. A daytrip to Salzburg is possible - it's about 2 hours by direct train - but I would want to spend at least a day and a half there, so figure at least one night there as well. N'stein? Not worth the 5 hours of round-trip train travel, IMO, for a 30-minute tour. But a daytrip from Munich is possible. You might consider an outing from Salzburg to Hohenwerfen Castle; it's actually a real 900-year-old castle (unlike Neuschwanstein, a late-19th-century palace) and offers a free-flight falconry show - see photos HERE.

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Two years ago, we used Munich for a home base and took tours from the tourist office to the castles and to Salzburg. They were good. I agree that Rothenburg is too far for a day trip. The advantage of the day tours is that all the transportation is already arranged and to the castles we used train, bus, horse cart and feet.