Best scenic Swiss Alps train from Vienna to Paris

Hi, We are planning to visit Vienna around X'mas for the holiday markets and then to Paris for New Year's. Instead of flying between the cities, we are looking to travel by train since we have time on our side. I have been looking into day train routes from Vienna to Paris via Zurich, Bern and Lusasnne but I can't seem to find info which one offers the most scenic view of the Alps. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Its a 12 hour journey. Take the one that changes in Zurich. It will be dark by the time you pull into Zurich, and you're out of the Alps by then anyway. Best mountains will be West Austria-East Switzerland between Salzburg and Zurich. It will be daylight at that time. You'll pass through the Arlberg tunnel on the way. 7 minute change in Zurich.

Posted by Tim
Ojai, CA
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Since you have the time, break the trip up into 3 days in order to travel during daylight hours: maybe spend 1st night in Innsbruck and 2nd night (via Zurich) in Lucerne ... both cities have great views of the Alps. From Lucerne it's about 4 and a half hrs to Paris.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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Tim's idea is good for another reason... breaking the trip into three days will give you a better chance of good weather. More often than not, December can be gray and overcast. It would be a pity to sit on a very long train ride with only a gray haze visible outside your window.

Posted by Katherine
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Thanks for the advice. We plan to be in Europe for 11 days so I was planning to spending 4-5 days in each city with a 1-day stopover in Zurich. So perhaps, I might be able to do the Zurich to Lucerne route.