Best route to Rock of Gilbraltar from Valencia

I am traveling to Valencia at the end of October. All the posts for how to get to Gilbraltar seem to be from 2009. Can I get an on what the best method is to get to Gilbraltar from Valencia. I would prefer train travel, but bus or a tour is fine too.

Posted by Neil
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I have no idea what you found, but it will be very little different now. It will be a twelve hour journey by bus with to La Linea or minimum eight by train to Algeciras and local bus Algeciras to La Linea (perhaps 30 minutes). If you do not already have the detail from your research, advise. With you saying 'a tour is fine too'(a tour I doubt exists from Valencia), I hope you have good reason to expend all this time on a trip to the comparatively uninteresting Rock. Best wishes.