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Best Pay-as-you-go sim card in France right now?

Does anyone have an opinion about sim cards for mobile phones in France. As in what is the best deal. If I can get it in CDG even better but it can wait until the next day too. We are just going to be in France and need to call within France as well as recieve calls from the US. We use our US sim card for making calls to the US but we need to use the French card as an emergancy contact number.

I have used lots of different companies before just wondering if anyone had the DL on some specials or deals.

Thanks as always.

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One thing to consider is that your phone may not be compatible with the French SIM card. So you may also need to consider a phone purchase. You have to have a GSM phone.

One option that my family uses to save a bit of a hassle has been Cellular Abroad.

This will allow for free incoming calls anywhere in the world - plus you can recharge locally in France with SFR.

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Not only is my phone compatible but is is unlocked and ready to go. As I mentioned I have done this before, but I also know that deals, specials and options change all the time. I am not looking for anything too fancy just a sim card for the couple of weeks we are there. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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It's so easy to buy a sim card in France, either in a phone store or Tabacco store. Just buy enough time for your whole visit, as you do pay a fee everytime you add time to you card. It is very much like the ATM. Take larger amounts out instead of many smaller amounts. The fees do add up!