Best Accomadations location in Paris

We are coming in from London on the Eurostar so arrive at Gare du Nord Station. We want a central location for the usual touristy sights. Will be making a day trip to Palace of Versailles. Then taking a train out toward's Germany from Gare de l'Est. I have not mapped these out and so wonder where they all are and how to get the best location for our accomadations. Any advice. Thanks.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Shelley, To begin with, you may want to delete your duplicate Thread on this subject, so that you can keep all replies in the same place. Regarding locations in Paris, everyone here has their favourites. I prefer to stay in the Rue Cler area in the 7th, as it's close to the Eiffel Tower and other sites and there are some nice hotels and restaurants in that area. There's good access to the Metro via the Ecole Militaire station, so it's easy to get anywhere in Paris. The France or Paris Guidebooks have good information on the various districts of Paris, along with hotel and restaurant listings, etc. Happy travels!

Posted by Susan
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My favorite area to stay in Paris is the 4th (Marais and Ile St. Louis), the 5th (Latin Quarter) and the 6th (St. Germain) arrondissements. It's the heart of Paris, closer to more places you'll want to visit than other areas, and the most fun and lively imo. The closer to the river the better. You can easily access the Metro and busses anywhere you stay in Paris. Paris is also a very walkable city - especially from the 4th-6th. Lots of good restaurants and cafes as well.

Posted by Shelley
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Ken, I'm not sure why it posted it twice. I didn't. Not sure how to get it off there? Thank you both for the ideas. We don't mind walking although, I'm having an issue with my feet these days.. so we might need to be sure we have good access to the metro. also, we like a quiet area too with good access for restaurants etc. Thanks all.

Posted by Harold
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I like the 6th, and am not as fond of the 7th as Ken (or Rick Steves); the 4th and 5th would also be fine. In addition, be aware that each arrondissment is large, and different sections have different personalities. To delete your post: log in, then go to the post. Under your name, you will see Edit and Delete. Choose Delete, and (since it's the start of a thread) the whole thread will disappear.

Posted by Andrea
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I also think the 4th, 5th & 6th are the most central, especially closer to the river. There is plenty of metro access for those few places you can't walk to. If you find a place near the St. Michel area you would be near metro and the RER station. The RER will take you to the Eiffel Tower and to Versailles.

Posted by Shelley
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Thank you all. Harold, thanks for the tip. Didn't know I could do that. :)I had one post on there so I sent her a private message. I did have a look in the 1 & 2 arr. Looking at the Map of the 2 & 3 border the 10th arr. where Gare du Nord Station & Gare de l'Est are located. So, if I stay on that side, it might be good access.
So, it there a certain station to catch the RER for Palace of Versailles? I usually do all this research and don't ask so many questions but I realizes last night that places are booking up and I want to get in somewhere that will be the best choice...but make that choice quickly. Thanks all!

Posted by Lin
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We are also going to Paris this May. I was looking at places near the Gare du Nord, but after researching it, it did not seem like the quietest, closest or nicest place to stay. We ended up renting an apartment for 4 nights in the Montorgueil area which seems to be very close to most of the sites we wanted to see, within half an hour of walking. Since we haven't been yet I can't recommend it, but do check to see what others say about staying near the busy Gare du Nord station. I am very excited about staying in an apartment rather than a hotel and having the option of a kitchen and laundry facilities. Good luck with your took me ages to find what I wanted.

Posted by Lisa
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Lin - will you share your apartment find in Paris for 3-5 days? It sounds like what we're looking for as well. Thanks! L

Posted by Elaine
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We have stayed at the Hotel Le Littre, twice, in the past few years. It is located in the 6th Arron. We had a special room with a balcony. We booked the hotel on their website. You can't book the specialty rooms, unless you go directly to their website. We could sit out on the balcony and watch the Eiffel Tower - day or night. We could see the pretty city lights also. In May and June it stays light until 11:00 PM. We watched the Eiffel change lighting over and over. We had a short walk to the metro.