Berlin, Frankfourt Munich. Nuremberg, Rhine.

Hi! Am planning to visit does cities on train, but I don't knnow how much to time to spend and how much will the train's take of my time, I have about a week...

Posted by Beatrix
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A week is not very much to get to know an entire country. Berlin alone could keep you busy for a week. Or longer. Planning to be in different city every day would be extremely tiring even if you weren't dealing with jet lag. I would probably concentrate on doing just Berlin and Munich. If you are mentioning Frankfurt because you're flying into the city you might be able to just add a day of sightseeing in the city on the day you're arriving before continuing on to Berlin or Munich in the evening - both are about 3-4 hrs away by train from Frankfurt. Or try to fly into one city (Frankfurt) and out of another (Berlin or Munich) to limit the time lost in transportation. To estimate train travel times in Germany do check out this website: