Berlin and Potsdam palace overdose

I'm planning to visit both Berlin and Potsdam and I see the potential for "palace overdose" because there are so many palaces to visit: Schloss Charlottenburg, Schloss Sanssouci, Neues Palais, Schloss Charlottenhof, Schloss Cecilienhof, etc. Help me choose, please. Also, I could visit Potsdam as a day trip from Berlin, or does the city merit an overnight visit. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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"Also, I could visit Potsdam as a day trip from Berlin, or does the city merit an overnight visit." You can visit Park Sanssouci and all the buildings as a daytrip from Berlin, but it would help to get an early start. It takes longer to walk between most of the palaces than it does to visit them. I think if you wanted to explore more of Potsdam, like the Dutch quarter for example, you might do better staying in town.

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, Of the different Schlösser above, I have not seen Schloß Charlottenhof. They are all worthy of your time in Potsdam and Berlin. Normally Potsdam is done as a day trip r/t by taking the S-Bahn or RB train from Berlin. Taking a tour which you can join across the street from Potsdam Hbf. includes going to Sanssouci, Neues Palais (that's what I liked seeing), and Cecilienhof. After the tour take the tram from the Hauptbahnhof to any of the Schlösser you saw. At Neues Palais there is a separate tour. Whether it "merits an overnight stay" or even a two separate day trips from Berlin depends on the extent of your specific interest, be it in film or history. How much time you do have? The Brandenburg-Prussian museum ca. a 10 min. or so walk from the station is interesting, the Film Museum is nearby also. Walking around Potsdam is an eye opener since it has undergone tremendous change in the last 24 years.

Posted by Beatrix
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You can see a lot of Potsdam, its palaces and the Dutch Quarter, in a day trip. You could even add a second day trip in case you really fall in love with this town. The travel time from Berlin to Potsdam is short enough, shorter than the time lost in packing up, checking in and out of different hotels. Personally, I've seen a lot of palaces and castles in Europe so when we were in Berlin we decided to only do the palaces in Park Sanssoucis. However, it might be nice to add an evening concert in Schloss Charlottenburg rather than doing a formal tour.

Posted by Anita
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Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. Keep them coming, please.

Posted by Pamela
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I did a day trip to Potsdam and really enjoyed it. I saw enough of the Palaces and the gardens in a day. There's a bus you can catch from the train station. Pam

Posted by Caitlin
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I did a half-day trip to Potsdam and just walked through the two big palaces there amd enjoyed the (ridiculously long) walk through the park between the two. The next day I went to Saschenhausen, whichkept the trip feeling more balanced

Posted by Caryn
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Most certainly go to Potsdam and see SanSoucci and the Neues Palais. I took a tour there but then stayed for the remainder of the afternoon and saw some more on my own. They are beautiful and well worth your time. One can go there for a day trip. Charlottenburg in Berlin is also very pretty but I prefer Sansoucci. The whole area around Potsdam is beautiful and is where Berliners go to get away for the weekend so you might want to stay there for a night. Have fun!