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Bed Sizing in France, Germany, and Benelux

I've probably used up my quota of silly questions, but here it goes!....

Looking through past postings that I searched on the site, it looks like the difference between a room with a double and one with twins is this...

Double-Has one bed that is the size of a US double, which is smaller than a US queen size bed, but comparable to US doubles.

Twin-Room has two twins that are pushed together. Comparable in size to king size beds. Are they always pushed together?

Looking for rooms for my wife and I and would like to get as big of beds as possible. Leaning towards rooms with twins, but remember a trip to Mazatlan a few years back with friends where the double beds were attached to the floor by raised tile stands, which made for some interesting sleeping accommodations!

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My experience has not been that two twins pushed together are not comparable to a king size bed - closer to a queen. There is always the issue of the seam in the middle at times as well. We have often rearranged a room to meet our sleeping needs.

You can typically bet in Paris that the beds and the rooms will be small. I have had good experience in Berlin with larger beds but only queen.

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A twin room is usually a room with two twin beds. I have never stayed in one where they were pushed together, though you could do that if you wanted probably. In the US, two twins pushed together are the same as a king (king beds usually have two twin box springs and one king mattress). It's unlikely that you will find a room with two double beds, unless you are staying in a chain hotel.

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Thanks Nancy and Jona! Appreciate the feedback!

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Actually the last three hotels I stayed in Paris, Hotel Le Regent, Hotel Des Mines, and Hotel Brighton, all had twin beds pushed together. My feeling( I did not measure) was that it was roomier then a double bed.
I think your post pretty well hit it on the head, except I would think the two twins were more like a queen then a king.