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Bayveuz Tours sold out, now what

I haven't been able to book a tour in Bayeux for the landing beaches. Can I do this without a tour guide.

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Most people do, probably, judging by the cars in the lots.

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Sue, Which tour firms have you tried to book with? Also, when will you be in that area? Taking a tour is really the best way to learn about the history of the landings (IMO). Hopefully you'll be able to find an opening somewhere. Good luck!

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Are you going during this year's massive anniversary season? If so, can you reschedule? If not any guide book, including Rick's, will tell you how to do it on your own.That's what we did.

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For someone who doesn't know anything, or very little of the history, a tour is best, but doing it on your own is fine and better than not doing it at all. We've done it many, many times on our own and it's easy. We know a lot of the history though. If you have some time and can spend 3-4 hrs in the WWII museum in Bayeux first, that would be very helpful. We like that museum the best of all of them. It's small, inexpensive and not overwhelming like the one in Caen. Driving the two lane roads (and the freeway) in Normandy is very, very easy. If you haven't seen Saving Private Ryan, or The Longest Day, I recommend watching them before you go.

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Your question doesn't provide enough details, especially when you want to go or what you want to see. Even so, a basic suggestion is to widen your search. Consider Caen as a base, for instance, and you might get a tour from the Peace museum. It organizes trips for either the American or the Commonwealth landing sites.
Unless you are an expert historian, an experienced tour guide will provide far greater context and understanding than you can gain on your own. Simply staring across otherwise anonymous beaches can never fill in the scenes from nearly 70 years ago.

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If you haven't already done so, you might consider checking with your hotel or B&B. They sometimes have access to tours and the like that we tourists do not. Good luck - Bayeux is a great little town!