Bayeux, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona - travel advice

My 18 year old son and I are traveling in July. We are flying into/out of Madrid and will be spending a few days each in Madrid and in Barcelona. We will also go to Paris and Bayeux (7 days). We will fly from Madrid or Barcelona to Paris and plan to rent a car and drive to Bayeux. We will spend the night in Bayeux and most of the following day before heading to Paris. Can we drop the car in Bayeux and tak a train back to Paris or will we have to return to CDG? Also, any recommendations on a car rental company? Should we go to Paris first then Bayeux? From there, we will fly back to either Barcelona or Madrid depending on where we started. I guess our choices are 1) Madrid to Bayeux to Paris to Barcelona 2) Madrid to Barcelona to Bayeux to Paris 3) Barcelona to Bayeux to Paris to Madrid
4) Start in Paris or Bayeux then Barcelona to Madrid Any additional suggestions on ease of travel would be appreciated. We already have the flights to/from Madrid. Thanks in advance for the help!

Posted by Tim
Knoxville, TN, USA
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Do NOT rent a car from Paris and drive to Bayeux. Instead take the easy easy train from Paris ALL the way to Caen or Bayeux...THEN rent a car. SOOOOOO much easier and carefree than attempting to navigate web of Paris streets.

Posted by Adam
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I have to disagree with Tim, at least outbound. If you are flying into Paris, just pick up the car at the airport and drive to Bayeux. You'll bypass getting into Paris and to the train station. On the other hand, coming back, returning your car in Bayeux or Caen and taking the wonderful train back is a great idea. I think you have it exactly right.

Posted by Susan
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I would fly open jaw, into Madrid and out of Paris to avoid backtracking. For a rental we've used many times.

Posted by Stephen
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Thanks for the help! We are flying into Beauvais from Madrid and will rent a car and drive to Bayeux. We plan to go to Mont St. Michele, Arromanches and Caen and the American Cemetary. As for flying open jaw, I tried to do that but couldn't get the flights. I used miles and was lucky just to get to the continent! There are bunch of blackout dates in July.