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Bavarian Palaces/Castles/Residences by priority

Hello All, We are planning to visit Germany (predominently Bavaria) in late Spring/Summer and plan on getting the Bavarian castle pass for 14 days. We are history/castle enthusiasts. Looking at the Bavarian dept. for palaces website, the list if pretty mind boggling and it is getting to be hard to decide which ones are a must see and which ones to skip... This is our first visit to Germany and Bavaria in particular. Can I ask for recommendations on which palaces/Residences to visit and which are ok to skip? Our trip in Germany is approx for 7-8 days.
Any feedback is appreciated. Sincerely, Aparna

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Although Neuschwanstein is more well known because of Disney, I think the better, more interesting of Ludwig's castles is Linderhof, near Oberamagau.

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Not in Bavaria, but close by in Baden Wurttemberg, Hohenzollern south of Tübingen has a superb site, located atop a big hill. South of that in Sigmaringen is also a very nice castle. Schloss Lichtenstein is also south of Tübingen. It is a fairy tale like castle - it was built based on a fairy tale. If you are driving, following the river south of nearby Buttenhausen, there are a number of castle ruins. In Salzburg, the Festung is impressive and nearby Hohenwerfen (in Werfen) is the castle in 'Where Eagles Dare' (although the film enhanced its location, such as adding the cable car access)

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I was debating going to Neuschwanstein Castle when I go to Germany next month, but Im taking my brothers advice and passing on that one. He said it wasn't worth it, especially if you want something with more history. If I make it close enough, I'm going to make a trip to Hohenzollern Castle, I think that one looks more interesting.
Or Luwig's childhood home, Hohenschwangau.