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batobus in Paris

Does anyone know if the Batobus in Paris is operating? I read on the website it is temporarily closed due to the flood - I am wondering if the website has been updated recently. Also, does anyone know the extent of the flood damage? I'm staying on the Il de Cite later this week and the combination of flood and island are not a good mix. Just a bit concerned.

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The banner on the website says the service is "disrupted" and to "visit the ticket office to find the stations served." That sounds like it's operating but not stopping at all stations. I think they wouldn't tell people to come to the ticket office only to be told the service is down entirely.

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I was in Paris a month ago. The Batobus was operating only in the 4 most down-river stops. I think the flooding raised the river too high for passing under bridges to be comfortable. The river was well within its bounds. There was no flooding over land. I assume snow melt and/or rain caused the flooding.

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Thank you all so much for your replies. I feel reassured. I'll post an update on the Batobus when I get to Paris later this week in case anyone else is traveling soon.