Basel, Zurich and Baggage!

Hello! We are a group of 5 (my husband and I, our 3 year-old and my 70-year old parents) that need to get from Amsterdam to Switzerland. The cheapest way for 5 of us to get from AMS to Switzerland seems to be with EasyJet. But they only fly to Basel, not Zurich. We will have some large luggage pieces. Our original plan was to drop off the large bags at the Left Luggage facility at Zurich airport, and then travel around Switzerland for 9-10 days, and collect it from Zurich Airport prior to flying back home to the US. The fare difference between flying to Zurich vs. Basel from AMS is $1000 for 5 people! Would love to fly to Basel and save the money, but can't figure out what to do about the luggage. Can we go to Basel railway station, drop it, and will they send it to Zurich Airport for us to pick up? We would only be able to pick up after 10 days though. The other option would be to rent a car large enough to take us and our luggage to Zurich airport where we could drop it. (We don't need to go to Zurich - but since we are flying out from there, it is easiest if we store it there). Grateful for any ideas. Thanks for your help.

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Priya, have you considered taking the train to Switzerland? The Dutch NS HiSpeed website at has some very good deal, as low as €29 per person to Zurich and only a little more to Bern. If you don't do that, the SBB will move your luggage (or anybody's luggage - you don't have to let money talk, they will do it for anybody at public tariff) from one station to another. All that is explained on the SBB website.