Barcelona to Tangier

What's the best way to get from Barcelona to Tangier if I have 3 1/2 days to see them? Is this even do-able?

Posted by Neil
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What do you what from best? What do you want to do? Do you return to Barna?
The quickest way is obviously a flight at about two hours flight time, but by the time you have schlepped out to and back from and hung around airports......

Posted by David
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Fly. It's incredibly cheap if you plan in advance (you need to pick the right day - the discount airlines don't fly every day). But for goodness sake, if you are going to invest a few days for a side-trip to Morocco from Spain (which is a great idea), don't waste those days by going to Tangier. Go to Marrakech or Fez, and see the good stuff - not the "bordertown" experience that ferry day-trippers are subjected to. As an analogy, imagine you are from Europe, and you are going to visit the USA for the first time. Your trip takes you to, I dunno, Los Angeles or New York. You figure "as long as I'm in the USA, I'd like to carve out a few days and see a little of Mexico while I'm nearby. I think I'l fly from LA to Juarez. Or maybe Tijuana." Bad plan! With 3.5 days you could have a very nice little side trip to Fez or Marrakech and actually see Morocco - if you fly. These two cities are utterly amazing places, like stepping through a time machine and popping out in another era. Easy, cheap, and a world away from the "Tijuana"/bordertown experience you'll find in one of the ferry ports.

Posted by Luke
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Davidthanks so much for your advice! I'm looking into Marrakech and Fez, but I don't know which to choose! I really want to just visit one of them and BE there instead of rushing through both. Which would you suggest, or what are the main differences?