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Barcelona, Spain

Hi. I will be in Barcelona for 6 nights in August and I have the following questions:

  1. Recommendations for centrally located budget B&B's or hotels ($110 or less).
  2. Reliable and convenient mode of transportation from airport (BCN) to B&B/hotel - taxi vs. public transportation
  3. Day trip suggestions

Thank you!

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Unless you are really pressed for time, or are carrying a massive amount of luggage, are physicially disabled or are traveling with a small child, there is no reason not to use public transportation to get from the airport into downtown Barcelona. You will have the option of either taking the bus, or getting on a free shuttle bus which will take you to the rail station (about 3-5 minutes away). The train costs €1.25 (but I was given a free pass by a woman in an official uniform the last time I took the train.) The taxi will cost between €25-40 (depending on traffic, time of day, and the driver's ethical outlook.) Once in downtown Barcelona (Pza. Cataluña or Pza. Sants) you might do well to catch a taxi to the hotel, just to avoid having to walk around a strange city with a suitcase.
I don't know about B&B's, but my folks have stayed at Hostal Subirats (Rda. Sant Pere, 62 Portal 1 Tlf. +34 933 191 881) several times and have liked it. (Best hamburger in Barcelona in the bar below.

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Thanks Adynata for your advice. I am just a little concerned that my flight is 6:20 a.m. out of BCN airport, do you know if the buses run that early in the morning like at 3:00 a.m.? Thanks.

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Whoops, that was a scenario that I forgot to take into account. For a flight at that time you really will need to take a cab. The night before your flight you can call the dispatcher (93 225 00 00) and request a taxi for your address and whatever time you feel is best. (If your Spanish is not up to the task, either ask the hotel desk clerk to do this for you, or send me a PM and I'll write you a script.)

The good news is that at that time of day there should be little to no traffic and the ride will be (comparatively) inexpensive. Have a good trip.

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Look in ricks book I was there last April and most hotels were acceptable. The buses don't start running to the airport until 5:30 so a cab is the way to go that early