Barcelona, Spain

We are a family of four (couple w 2 young adult children) staying in Barcelona for 5 days and looking for easy day trips via the train. Specifically, looking for towns toward Costa Brava. Ease of trains in that direction? Also, we plan to stay in Barcelona near Las Ramblas. Does anyone know anything about Portal Del Angel
Barcelonastuff Apartments at Flor 5, Ciutat Vella in Barcelona? Thank you!

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I don't know about day trips to Costa Brava, but I would highly recommend a day trip to Figueres, specifically to see the Dali Theatre-Museum. Even if you're not typically a Dali fan, I highly recommend it, and I think if anyone's art would appeal to children, his off-the-wall use of colour, design, and imagery would do it. is an image of the courtyard in the Museum (from my Flickr page, which has some other images) to assure you that it's not a typical art museum. The train ride there is comfortable and inexpensive.