Bag storage Vernon, France near Claude Monet Museum

Thinking thru possible itineraries for a July trip. We will be traveling from Paris to Bayuex. Wondering if we should invest in a side trip along the way to the Giverny Claude Monet museum. we would take the train from Paris to Vernon, then bus it to Giverny. Afterwards continue on to Bayuex. Wondering what to do with the luggage. Are their lockers at the Vernon station? I've been sifting thru old posts and this has provided such valuable information.

Posted by Darcy
Lewiston, Idaho, USA
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Denise, I've never had to leave bags but Rick's 2013 France book says, "If you have bags, you can check them at the Café-Tabac de la Gare (a block past the train station bus 138 Rue d'Albuféra...." The info is on page 252; I highly recommend getting a copy if you don't already have one.

Posted by Denise
Castle Rock, Colorado
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Awesome! I'm looking at the 2012 edition. I'm on the library wait list for 2013. Thanks

Posted by Kim
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You might also think about emailing the museum directly, they might have provisions for visitors' bags.