Bacharach, Rhine Valley, Germany

Hello community! I was wondering if anyone has been to Bacharach recently, and can give me some advice. We plan on arriving by KD Line boat, and leave same day by train. My concern is our bags - we don't want to lug our big backpacks around all day. Has anyone left theirs at the TI, and how did it go? Does anyone know if there is an alternative-say, lockers at the train station? I ask because Rick's book says the TI closes at 5pm, but we were thinking we may stay past 5. Thanks everyone! Any other advice for a day trip there would also be welcomed!

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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There are no lockers in the Bacharach Bahnhof. There also is not a manned ticket counter, just an automat. According to the Bacharach website (, the TI office is open April-October until 5 PM M-F, until 3 PM Sat, Sun, and holidays.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Christine, As Lee mentioned, the station in Bacharach is unmanned (except for a small office at the side that appears to be some kind of dispatch office or whatever). Last time I was there, the doors to the station were locked and there isn't a stick of furniture inside, and only a Kiosk for buying tickets. There was a rumour that the T.I. was going to move to the station, but I don't know if that has happened? That would seem to leave a few choices: > Haul your luggage everywhere while day tripping. > Store at the T.I. but leave by 17:00. > Get a hotel for one night and leave the next morning. Good luck and happy travels!

Posted by Russ
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You don't mention where you're coming from before the cruise or where you're headed to afterward. Bacharach isn't a typical place to END a cruise, either. Perhaps you just need to reconfigure the visit to make it more doable. For example - Bingen has lockers. Arrive there by train, stow bags, hop on a northbound cruise boat to St. Goar (this is the best 1.5 hours on the river, IMO), then take the train south to Bacharach (a 10-min. ride) for a look around there, then head south again by train to Bingen (a 12-min. ride) to fetch your bags and move on.

Posted by David
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Bacharach is just a little place, maybe 1/4 mile long and a few streets/alleys. Beside the Rhine is very pretty park like land, and the rail line runs through the middle of time. I find it a good place to spend the night on the way to bigger cities.
There are castles up and down the valley, and they're very proud of their sweet white wines.

Posted by Christine
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Thanks for the info everyone! We will be en route from Koln to Frankfurt that day, so I wanted to stop by a cute town on the Rhine along the way, to break up the journey...I'm thinking we will utilize the TI till 5, then head into Frankfurt earlier than anticipated, unless we change our minds and pick a different town. I will report back about what we find there! :-)

Posted by Ragan
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We spent a couple of days on the Rhine this time last year. It is beautiful and you will love it! Bacharach was wonderful, make sure to walk up the hill to the ruins, but even looking all through the town we were there only a couple hours. You might also consider getting off your KD cruise at oberwessel, we did accidentally, and it is just as gorgeous! Our hotel was in St. Goar and there is Castle Rheinfel there, of course at the top of the hill where all the good castles are, I believe there was a larger TI there so maybe they have lockers? Good luck and enjoy your time, Germany is absolutely beautiful! We are headed to Paris this time!

Posted by Ragan
Blair, Nebraska
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Ps.. Take a jacket on the cruise because if you don't purchase any food or drink on board you are relegated to the bow which is very chilly!