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B&B Reservation trouble

About a month ago, I sent a reservation request to a recommended chalet in Chamonix for 2 nights in late June. We communicated over e-mail--they had a room and I sent credit card information. After sending my credit card information, I never heard back and have sent multiple requests for a confirmation. What should I do? Should I call from the US? Should I forget it and find another place to stay? Shoud I wait until we get to France and take care of it then?

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I would send one more e-mail with receipt of mail delivery requested. If you don't get a receipt then pick up the phone . I definitely would not wait until arrival for confirmation. At this point you don't even know if they received your credit card info. I also would not just forget about it and find another place. If they do have your info they can charge you for a no-show.Good luck!

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I always make apartment or hotel reservations via the internet, and getting a confirmation of my reservation (along with confirmation number) is a must. I always save copies of this confirmation, and bring it with me. I also call or email a day or 2 before I arrive to confirm I'm coming.

Call the chalet immediately and if they don't have a reservation for you, settle it right away, or cancel it if you don't like their response.

Don't assume everything is OK if you don't hear anything from them.

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The same thing happened to me when I tried to make a reservation in Honfleur, France. I e-mailed my info, did not get a reply, then e-mailed to ask for confirmation. Nothing. I again e-mailed and got no reply. I then stayed up late one night and called when the rate was about 15 cents a minute. When the hotel answered, I asked in my very high school French if they received my reservation and was told very nicely, in English, that they have reserved a room for us. It seems that it is common for them to reserve without e-mailing a confirmation. I'd call in the evening if I were you, just to be safe. It is easy and cheap peace of mind. You can bet however that they would charge you if you did not show up for that room you reserved.

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Same thing happened to me twice with making reservations in two B&B in Switzerland. I first sent emails to inquire about availability for the dates I need, they replied that yes, they have the room and would be happy to have me there. I replied to this that yes, I confirm then for the dates. And then nothing more from them. Although they did not request my credit card nubmer. But I plan to call soon just to make sure. I mix English and German when I call, what the heck, as long as we understand each other and I do have a room waiting for me when I arrive.

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I wouldn't even worry about English. These places all speak English. yesterday, I called my hotel in Copenhagen (which I realize is especially good in the English department, but still) to confirm a reservation I made via travelocity, the woman answered and spoke a very quick Danish Greeting (and I speak absolutely ZERO Danish!), and I just said meekly "Do you speak English" and she switched to some of the most perfect English I've ever heard, confirmed my reservation, noted my request for a no-smoking room, and that was that. To be honest, as dorky as it sounds, I'd never called overseas before so I was a little nervous about asking to speak in English, you don't want to be rude and all, but these people are so used to it, even at small B&Bs, they will be kind and speak in English. Calling from the US is no big deal, if I can learn it, so can anyone LOL