B&B or Hotel in Paris ( near the Tower) AND Burgandy area

I need some recs for a place to stay in Paris. I have stayed at the Hotel du Champs de Mars and like that area near the Tower...any suggestions. ALSO, we need a place in the Burgandy area of France...a B&B or Hotel?
Any and all suggestions appreciated! Thank you in advance, Kelli&Paul

Posted by Anita
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Kelli and Paul, In Burgandy I can suggest two b&b's. The first, Val en Sel, is in St. Pere-sous-Vezelay. This is the tiny town at the foot of the hill topped by Vezelay. Although you can easily drive up to Vezelay on the modern road, you might want to walk up the ancient unpaved road once used by religious pilgrims; the road runs right past the Val en Sel estate. The owner is charming and welcoming and cheerfully suggested nearby sites to visit. We liked this location as a "home base" for exploring the towns north of Beaune. The other recommendation is for Domaine de la Corgette in Saint-romain. This tiny town is on a hill south of Beaune and is well-situated for exploring the local wine country. Feel free to write if you have specific questions.

Posted by Karen
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We stayed down the road from there at Hotel de Tureene. Very clean, great food, quiet! Its next to Militare ecole, in front of the Eiffel tower. We passed by your hotel and they were about the same. This one was a bit cheaper but equally nice...clean!