auto rental in Munich

I am flying in and out of Munich in June. My problem is my departing flght out of Munich is very early in the morning. I know it is about a 40 minute ride to Munich. Anyone have advise. Are there hotels at the airport with shuddles so I could check my car the night before? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Bob

Posted by Rob
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You could also stay in Freising, which is actually closer to the Airport than Munich is. I think my hotel was about 12km (7 miles) from the Airport. Freising is also home to the Weihenstephan brewery, which has a beer garden and pub with some pretty good food.

Posted by Lee
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Also, if you stay in Freising, it's a 20 min bus ride to the Munich airport. Buses leave about every 20 min and the cost is 2,50€/adult. There are a lot of accommodations in Freising for less than a hotel at the airport. Return the car the day before in Munich or at the airport. Take the S-Bahn or bus to Freising and the bus to the airport in the morning. No need to take time to return the car in the morning.

Posted by Brian
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There is a Sheraton Hotel at the airport- you just walk to the terminal, there may be others

Posted by Roy
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We tried the strategy of dropping off the car at the airport the afternoon before and taking the bus to Freising, and it worked well for us. We stayed at the Hotel Corbin, which arranged for a shuttle the next morning. I don't remember the charge for the shuttle, but it was less than a night's parking cost for the hotel garage. (Edit: Of course, we could have parked along the street for free and returned the car at the airport before the flight, but I did not want to bother with that.)

Posted by Paul
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Hi Bob, We've also returned the car to Munich airport the day/evening before departure a few times. Twice we stayed at the Moevenpick in Hallbergmoos and then we discovered the charming old town of Erding and the Park Hotel (Best Western). Paul