Auroeurope vs. Hertz in France

It has been suggested on another thread that I try autoeurope instead of Hertz for better prices. Autoeurope is indeed less for the same vehicle. I do have a concern. The vehicle I am interested in is an Opel Astra Sport Tourer. On the Hertz site it refers to it as a 5 passenger vehicle with plenty of baggage capacity. On the autoeurope site, the exact same vehicle states "4 passengers" with more limited baggage capacity. Since both sites state "or similar" vehicle, I feel with Hertz they must provide a 5 passenger vehicle, because that is what the site states. If Autoeurope cannot provide the Opel, it seems they can provide me with a truly 4 passenger vehicle, forcing me to upgrade, with the hassels that could involve, and a classic bait and switch tactic. The Opel web site shows this vehicle as clearly 5 passengers. Am I being overly concerned? We are 5 people traveling. Thanks.

Posted by Nigel
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1. You "can" fit 5 people in. For a while. Maybe you're all small. 2. If you have 5 sets of luggage, where will you put them under cover and safe? Trust me, loose suitcases are killers. It is a tourer so there is more room than in a sedan, but I will be surprised if luggage for 5 people fits with 5 seats occupied by passengers. 3. You may not get that exact car. Usually it is xxx or similar. Or maybe you will.

Posted by David
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All rental car companies may feature a specific brand, but they're quoting prices and specifications on "comparable" vehicles. Rental operations deal with 4-5 different brands in most locations, and cars come and go. AutoEurope contracts as a consolidator with many different rental companies. It may be Hertz in one town and Sixt in another. Anyway it goes, you will receive a vehicle that suits your needs and accommodates your travel group. That may include getting a larger vehicle for the price of a lesser vehicle if it's unavailable.
It's going to work out for you.

Posted by Yolanda
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We had that car in Germany and Austria last Fall and it was just for my husband and I. We each had a suitcase. His larger than mine, and he had a large duffle bag. I had a smaller rollie carry on. Plus his backpack and my purse. While we did have alot of space, we were surprised how we filled up the car, especially after our shopping sprees. Five people and luggage is going to be a tight squeeze. I do want to say that we have always dealt with AutoEurope and have always been happy. Two years ago for our trip to Sicily, we chose another company because they were cheaper, but had been recommended on a travel site. We prepaid our almost 4 week stay. When we arrived in Palermo, we were there a couple of days without the car. On the morning we were going to pickup the car, we took the bus to the office just to learn that they would not give us the car without a CREDIT card. We only had debit cards on us. We could not get anyone to rent us a car. My husband finally took the bus back to the airport and AutoEurope gave him a car without a problem. We later had to wrestle with the original company for a refund. There was no where on our paperwork where it said we had to have a CREDIT CARD when picking up the car. Lesson learned on our part to double check and read all the fine print.

Posted by Thomas
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Bob, I think the previous poster was thinking of Europcar (a rental company) instead of Autoeurope (a car rental consolidator company in Maine that makes contracts with rental car companies). Those two names gets crossed up. Also, don't count on getting the exact car you see in the pricing. Some companies offer that option on some cars, but you will pay a premium to get it. I have never had the car shown -- in Europe or here. I would call Autoeurope and explain what you need -- especially that you have 5 people and how much stuff you will have. The agent will guide you to the right vehicle. You can also look at their website, but I have consistently received better prices on the phone. With Autoeurope, you pay when you reserve. They e-mail a voucher to you that you take with you. Cancellations and changes are very easy. I have a reservation for a car in the UK right now. I was looking around at their site and saw the price had gone down. I called. The agent saw the decrease, changed the agreement, and I got the difference back on my card. I have been happy with Autoeurope. I read good things also about
Have a fun trip!

Posted by Andrea
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I have used AutoEurope 5 times, once for a lease and the rest for rentals in various European countries. I have always been happy with their service and they have a great cancellation policy. As mentioned, you rarely if ever get the car actually mentioned. You get a car in the same class, or if you're lucky a better class.

Posted by Bob
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Thanks everyone. Sounds like autoeurope is the way to go.