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At Montpellier's train station is 15 minutes enough time to change trains?

How big is Montpellier's train station (France) and is 15 minutes between trains enough time to change trains? I'm looking at tickets and one of them only allows for 15 minutes, but has the times I want. I've never traveled by train in France before so I have no idea.

Also, what happens if you miss your connecting train because the first train was late? (i.e. not your fault)


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15 minutes is plenty of time for a change. Where are you connecting to?

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It leaves Nice at 10am to Montpellier, and then on to Carcassonne. There are other trains that go through Marseille, with longer layovers, but this one gets us into Carcassonne at 4pm. I am picking up a rental car at the Carcassonne rail station, and the office closes at 6 so I need to be there before that. The ones through Marseille don't get in until 5:30 which is cutting it close, and the only other one I see leaves Nice at 6am which is really kinda early, I'd rather leave a little later in the morning. Though, maybe I should take the early train, in case the other train is late... I don't want to lose my reservation on the rental car.

I'm terrible with making decisions XD

So, what does happen if the train is late and you miss your connection? Has anyone ever had this happen? Anyone have any advice about this? This is the first time I'm traveling by train like this, I've only traveled to England before and I had a rail pass that time. :)

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Hi Tonya,
If you miss your connection, and you might if your preceding train starts late, then you will need to exchange your ticket for one on the next train out. The exchange will be governed by the "terms and conditions" under which you purchased your original tickets. Your original receipt will specify this. The exchange will probably require some fee for the exchange unless you paid the absolute highest fare (fully exchangeable, fully reimbursable) in the first place.

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Thanks! I'm going with the fifteen minute change, I mean, if I miss it and we have to buy a new ticket for the rest of the journey, it won't be that much. I felt that the other option was too early in the morning and that we might be at risk of missing the train all together because of the early hour, either by oversleeping, or by not being able to get transportation to the train station. Our hostel is kinda far away from the station.

I did finally find pictures of the Montpellier train station, and it doesn't look very big. I was concerned that it might be huge or something. And I speak some French, so I can ask which platform no problem if I need to.

So, I booked them. Hopefully everything will go without a hitch.

Thanks for all your replies :)