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Asterix Amusement Park, Paris

In June we will be spending 4 nights in Paris. Plan to pick up our car at CDG airport the morning we leave for Germany. After picking up the car we're considering spending a few hours at the Asterix Parc for our 12 year old grandkids. Anyone know anything about the Parc? We then would probably drive to Reims or possibly Verdun to spend the night. Any suggestions?

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Ohhhhh- I love Asterix. I know nothing about the park, though- sorry about that!

ETA: You can find the books on Amazon- I highly suggest getting a few.

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Yeah, we have watched a lot of Asterix and Obelix on TV. Great way to learn European history!

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Hello Patti. I think going to the Asterix Parc is a good idea. It is located near CDG airport. I did not go to that Parc, but I know it is one of the most popular theme parks in France. Many French children go there, thus at Asterix Parc your grandkids could meet and talk with French kids who are their age. If you have not read any of the Asterix books, I suggest that you, and your grandkids, do read at least one of those books. I like the book : Asterix in Switzerland. The cartoon pictures in that book are hilarious. (The book was translated into the English language).

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As children, my sister and I weren't allowed to read comics (even though we had green light on everything else), but softened up my parents on Asterix and Obelix, on the ground of it being educational.
Thus, we would get pretty tough parental quizzes when we were traveling where A & O had gone 'before'.
Some of my favorite memories are of my sister and I prepping for an upcoming trip, buried in maps and history books and the appropriate Asterix edition.

We had a good laugh when my elderly parents confessed a few years back, that they were looking forward to the next edition as much as we did, and had great fun preparing our quizzes.

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Wow! Thanks for all the information! You've really been helpful. I'm anxious to get some of the comic books and know the kids will love them! The park will be a great break from some of the more serious stuff! Thanks!!