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Assistance with Travel

I will have a weekend free when I would like to travel from Koln (Cologne, Germany) to Brugge (Bruges, Belgium). Any suggestions re the best way to get there on a Friday afternoon and back by Sunday night? I could probably take a train but I don't know how long it takes (or costs) and flights are often less expensive. Thanks much!

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Take the train. For timetables, go to and click on "Internat. Guests" to view the site in English. Your cheapest way would be to book a Europa-Spezial fare (€19) on an ICE train from Koeln to Bruxelles well in advance on the site. Then take an IC train from Bruxelles to Brugge (€12). Your connection time will be short so buy that ticket in Koeln.

For your return, buy a Brugge-Bruxelles ticket in Brugge and book a Europa-Spezial fare for Bruxelles-Koeln at

You can book the whole route in one shot at, but then your total fare each way will be €48.20 rather than €31 (19+12).

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Thanks so much for the detail on the differences Tim.

Really appreciate it and I will purchase the tickets as you suggested.