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arrive evening in Paris CDG

Our charter airline has changed arrival time on us so we are now arriving in Paris CDG airport at 1900hrs instead of early morning (0600hrs). Our original plan would have us take early train to first destination, Amoboise - get a car their - and have most of day to enjoy the sights with first night in Chenonceau.

Our dilemma is should we:

a. spend first night in hotel near CDG and get frest start next day - family is concerned about jet lag etc - but it also sound kind of boring option;

b. book a room in Paris for first night and enjoy an evening in Paris (jet lag be damned) and take early train to Amobise next day for fresh start; or

c. push through straight to Chenonceau? Will have to confirm late check in with hotel.

We don't like travelling late especially to a new destination. In case of problems, there's less time to correct. We've been to Paris many times and know shuttle bus service is good and familiar with city and hotels.

Has any one dealt with this scenario or has other ideas? Thank you in advance for advice.

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We are actually staying at the Ibis(49E prepaid)at CDG for our first night and taking TGV straight to Tours the next day - we have bicycle suitcases, so don't want to haul into the city. We'll go into Paris for a few hours anyway - like you said, too boring to stay at CDG. If you have just your backpacks I'd opt to stay in Paris - maybe near Gare Austerlitz or Montparnasse for easy rail access to Loire Valley that next a.m.

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I agree with option B. If you're jet-lagged, you'll be able to check in to your Paris hotel and go to bed. Same as option A, but allows you the option of going out if you wish.