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Arles to Aix en Provence by bus?

Is there a direct way of getting from Arles to Aix by public transportation, perhaps by bus? The train takes close to 3 hours since it connects in Marseille with a long layover time, and I imagine that a direct shot between the cities would only take about an hour.

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Hi, Julia! I am going to be doing the same and it looks as if going through Avignon is easier and faster. Have you checked that? Most of the options, whether from each city's TGV station or the city center (which as far as I can see involves taking a bus to the TGV)are about half what you are descibing, and seem to be fairly frequent. Hope this helps!

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Hi Karen, thanks for the response. I'm not sure what route you are referring to though...when using SNCF, if I input Arles to Aix en Provence, the only option I get is via Marseille St Charles. If I specify that I want to go via Avignon, I get a route Arles to Avignon to Marseille St Charles to Aix, since the Avignon to Aix route itself also goes through Marseille. Could you please clarify? Thanks!

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Hi, again, Julia! Here is the pasted info I found on the SNCF site (this is using both cities' TGV stations, which will however involve using a shuttle to transfer to/from the city center- I understand in both cases that takes about 15-20 minutes of actual travel time, plus the waiting around for the next shuttle bus time, too)
Leaving at
09h37 10h06 10h36 11h23 12h06 14h01
21.30 € 21.30 € 21.30 € 25.60 € 25.60 € 25.60 €
Journey time: 00h20 00h24 00h21 00h22 00h23 00h21

When I tried it going city center to city center, then it routed through Marseilles. So using the TGV is the faster option- but besides those transfer shuttles, above, you would need to train/bus to Avignon, too. So it may end up being the "same difference", in your case...I have not checked out the bus situation.