Arles in Novemeber?

I am thinking of going to the Arles region to paint in Nov. (or Oct). How will the weather be and what is the best way to get there from US? Fly to Marseilles? Thanks!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Did you google "weather in Arles France in November/October" I just did. Seems I would choose October over November myself.

Posted by shirley
Toronto, Canada
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I spent one entire October in Arles. It started out with quite warm weather and there were quite a few sunny days. Later in the month it got cooler and damper - I generally walked around with a quilted vest over long sleeves. The year I was there, there was so much rain in November in Europe that the Rhone actually flooded, but that's an exception. In general I would say you would be happier with the weather in October. Marseilles is the closest international airport to Arles. About 50 minutes drive from there to Arles. The other option would be Montpellier, about 55 minutes drive to Arles. My sister flew to Paris and connected to an Air France flight to Montpellier. If you go KLM or Air France, you should be able to connect easily in Paris without having to retrieve checked bags there - they will send them all the way to your final destination. I've also connected through Frankfurt to Marseilles on Lufthansa.

Posted by Adam
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We were in Arles in early November once and the weather was perfect, sunny and on the warm side if anything. I imagine it can be very different. One consideration traveling that time of year is that the sun sets early and rises late compared to Tacoma. Visiting hours at various attractions are shorter and some local buses do not run.