Arles and Avignon

I have only 2 days for Arles and or Avignon. Would like to visit one and take a 1/2 day wine tour of Provence,
Any suggestions?

Posted by Cecilia
Castro Valley, CA, USA
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I suggest staying in Avignon. You can take a bus to Arles from the bus station near the nonTGV train station which is right outside the walled city. There are wine tours from Avignon too. Look at RS Provence book about details. I will be in Avignon in early October. Joi d' Vivre!

Posted by Paul
Monroeville, PA, USA
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Definitely stay in Avignon, much more tourist friendly and more to see and do than Arles which seems by comparison a work a day town with a few sights. Maybe a visit to Pont du Gard, it is easy and impressive.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I preferred Arles to Avignon, and found more to see there. However, Avignon will be closer to your wine tour; I don't know if these are offered from Arles. Taking the train between Arles and Avignon is easy (take one that goes to Avignon Centre, not Avignon TGV which is not in the center).

Posted by Christe'
DeLand, FL, USA
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I preferred my stay in Arles over my stay in Avignon. Arles is much more laid back and it is lovely. Avignon is also lovely, just did not get the warm vibe I got in Arles. Avignon felt more touristy to me. Great for shopping, though. If you are a Van Gogh fan, Arles is definitely the place. There is a self-guided walking tour of many of the sites where he painted. Also - the Roman arena, Les Alyscamps, Antique Theatre, the Saturday morning market. Have fun, wherever you end up!