APRIL, Lucerne, Pilatus or Rigi???

Hi all, Going to be staying in Lucerne for 2 nights mid April of this year. I'm trying to determine what will be the better option (only time for 1) Mt. Pilatus or Mt Rigi? It appears that only the cable-ways are open at Pilatus (Kriens-Krienseregg-Frakmutegg-Pilatus Kulm) vs getting to do the cogwheel portion. At Rigi it looks like the Cogwheel train (Vitznau-Rigi Kulm Aerial Cableway Weggis – Rigi Kaltbad) is open. Which would you do????? Also, any favorite spots to eat in Lucerne? We are staying at the Marriott Renaissance (south side of the bridge). Thanks!

Posted by Devon
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I can only speak for Mount Rigi but going up it was one of the most amazing days of my life. I was there right before Christmas and we managed to be at the top of the mountain at sunset. I nearly cried, it was so beautiful. Had a really great time. Hopefully someone who has done both can give advice on one or the other, but I don't think you can go wrong either way!

Posted by Marcus
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Do the Rigi. Go up on the Vitznau side (ride a steamer over there from Luzern), ride the RigiBahn to the top and then go down the opposite side to Arth and take the train back to Luzern. Bear in mind that there will still be snow at the top so you might be walking through some mud or marshy grass. The cows might already be up there but with this winter its a big "if". Pilatus is just the top of a mountain (sure the view is great) but many of the paths along the mountains are probably closed or incredibly cold. BTW: If you get a clear day the view from either will be AMAZING. On the other hand if its raining or cloudy you might want to skip the trip (you can see both from Luzern so you can decide).

Posted by Bob
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Went to Pilatus and really enjoyed the views. Haven't gone to Rigi so I can't make a fair comparison. If the weather is cooperative you'll enjoy either place. Ate at the Weiss Schloss (no relation to American White Castle chain). Was looking for a busy, non-touristy place and this was it. It's a bit upscale but worth it. My kids still talk about this place and my son said it was the best meal he has ever had. This was back in July 2006, hopefully things haven't changed.

Posted by Lola
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Jen said mid-april so the trip has already happened. I checked the Rigi webcams just now. Looks like it is cloudy/foggy today.

Posted by Jen
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Well, it was not a great few days in lucerne weather wise. Full of clouds and woke up to snow the second day so we didn't go up either mountain. We were paid back by an incredible drive along the Trip from lucerne through Interlaken and Visp down into Italy. I think it was called the Simpson pass, felt/looked like heaven! Thank you all so much for your help!