Appropriate clothing for visiting Tangier

Hi - My husband and I and our son (8) and daughter (10) will be taking a day trip to Tangier during our vacation to Spain in April. Are there any guidelines on how to dress? Are shorts ok or should we stick to long pants? Short-sleeved shirts ok for women/girls?

Posted by Bets
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I'm kind of old fashion and say go with the local standards. You should cover your legs and upper arms. Have a scarf available in case you go into a mosque.

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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We dressed the same way we would on any vacation in a big city when it was really hot. Tasteful, but summer clothes. There are lots of tourists there. I almost always wear a skirt when traveling, so I felt appropriately dressed. Definitely scarf for shoulders if you go to a mosque.

Posted by Chris
Tyler, TX
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No shorts but capris or long pants good as are skirts or casual dresses and a scarf just in case