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anyone taken a daytrip from vienna to prague?

Hey everyone,
Has anyone taken the 14 hr "daytrip" from vienna to prague? It looks to be about 4 hours in prague and the rest on the bus. ANy opinion on whether it's worth it for 4 hours? Also is one full day in vienna enough? If we cut the prague trip, we'd have 2 full days in vienna. this is probably our only opportunity to ever be in europe and want to see as much as possible(we don't travel that much). but sometimes more is just more! thanks

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Prague in 4 hours...I wouldn't recommend it. However, if you really want to see it and you believe this is your only chance then do it. I imagine you would be very tired after the day. Is there a reason you are looking at taking a bus? By train it is 4 hours away and you would gain 2 hours as compared to the bus (may need to look at train schedules to see the earliest and latest trains).

I personally would skip Vienna and go to Prague for 2 days. Vienna IMO can be done in a day. It was a pretty city, but not a whole lot to do. Prague was just amazing and I spent 4 full days there and still didn't do everything.

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I think it's too much for one day - try to come to Europe again. We've actually been to Vienna 3 times and still find things to see, BUT Prague is wonderful and has a very different feel than Vienna. I would say to do one or the other, not both with only 2 days.

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I would actually pick two days in Prague over two days in Vienna but if you have already planned the trip, just stick to Vienna. Prague is undeniably beautiful and worth a visit but if you only have four hours, you'll feel too rushed and too drained or stressed by all of the travel to appreciate it. Never say never - you may be back again before you know it.

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Being in a bus for 10 hours will make you very tired.
Just think that you have to sit on you butt for 10 hours.
4 hours might be enough to see a few things in Prague, but are you going to walk? That will be hard after 10 hrs in a bus chair.

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This daytrip is an organized tour of some of the major sites once we're there. There will be some time on our own. I appreciate your input. I agree with you all, but I do want to see Prague!