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Any safe and cheap hostels in France?

Hi everyone,
So I'm a college student with a group of friends who is looking to travel all around France. We will probably be staying in hostels or anything that is cheap since there isn't much money available. Just wondering if anyone knows of any reliable, clean and safe hostels that would be a good idea to stay at. Any good websites to find hotels as well? Thanks everyone! Any tips would be appreciated since this is the first time traveling like this, thank you!!

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Thank you so much Perry, I will definitely take a look at that now!!

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To add to Tim's post, the HI properties are usually quite consistent, in terms of the quality of the facilities from one location to the next. One thing to note is that having an HI Membership may give you slightly preferred rates, or other benefits (e.g. if two parties show up to get the last room, the HI member will usually get preference AFAIK).

Happy travels!

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Check out can stay for free and meet wonderful local folks also. I lived in Nice, France for a year and fell in love with all things French.
Hav a great time!