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Annecy, France

Dear Fellow Travelers,
Is Annecy France worth a 2 night stay on a 2 week trip?
Jennifer P.

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Annecy is a very pretty place. One year when we were visiting, there was an art installation on the shore of the lake, which was very photograph-able. It is a picturesque small city . . . you'll enjoy it.

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It depends on what you are looking for - it's a beautiful small city on a large lake with lots of tourists - including many French- enjoying the atmosphere and the setting. If you are looking for lots of "cultural" sights to occupy your time, you will find Annecy lacking but for a spot to relax and enjoy a scenic area near the French Alps, Annecy would serve your purposes quite well.

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Will you have a car? Annecy is beautiful, especially on a sunny day. There are a number of good day trips - Chamonix for one.

I'd say it depends on the time of year. It's absolutely gorgeous in the spring.