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Amsterdam to Munich by train

Has anyone done the train trip from Amsterdam to Munich? We're thinking of taking the overnight train and would love to know what it's like and whether it's worth booking a sleeping compartment.

Cheers and thanks.

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I haven't done this particular route, but I have done a few other City Nightline trains, and I love it. I splurge of the deluxe private sleeper which has it's own bathroom and shower, plus a table and chairs. The beds and windows are set up so you can look at the scenery go by when you're horizontal. You can can check schedules and book tickets at

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Since I like trains and can sleep anywhere, it doesn't bother me to sit in a reclining seat for the 26-hour ride on Amtrak from my home to Seattle.

That said, I don't recommend that you choose the reclining seat option if you take the Amsterdam-Munich night train. If you don't want to pay for a two-bed sleeper, at least book bunks in a four-person couchette (not much more than bunks in a six-person couchette and a lot roomier). You'll sleep better. Booking well in advance can get you discount fares. Couchette and sleeper doors lock from the inside so your luggage is more secure than if you are sitting in the open in a reclining seat.

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I, too, have not taken that exact route. We do, however, ensure we take at least one night train on every trip to Europe. We even re-arrange our itinerary to ensure we have a nice long trip of at least 10 hours just for that purpose.

For the sake of argument, I checked tickets for Friday, April 2nd of this year -- go to for the best search engine for European rail. Two tickets in 1st Class seats departing Amsterdam 20:31 arriving Munich 7:12 the following day is 280 Euro. That is a little higher than you should be able to find -- remember that rail prices in Europe work a lot like airfare in the rest of the world -- -- booking a single day earlier/later or buying when they are first available (92 days in the case of Europe rail) can cut prices in half.

Upgrading from two 1st class seats for 280 Euro to a 4 person couchette will cost you 380 Euro -- -- or all the way to 2 persons in a deluxe double sleeper for 380 Euro.

Find a blurb on some of the sleeper compartments here:

My wife and I splurge for the luxury sleeping berth most of the time. We have had some success booking a 4-person couchette in the past, then upgrading after on the train to a luxury sleeper.

Costs are a little higher for the luxury sleepers -- but I justify it by saying to myself... "I would have spent 98 Euro x 2 for 1st class seats, plus 100 Euro for a nice hotel... for only 84 Euro more I can do a luxury sleeper...."

I say go for it. We got my parents to do it once -- and now they are hooked, too.

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Just to check possible savings --- I ran another ticket possibility, and the same train on 14 April (92 days from today -- as far out as you can book) the price is 198 Euro for two persons in a deluxe double sleeper. To me -- at that price -- this trip is a no-brainer. That's less than you'd pay for 2nd Class train tickets and a reasonable hotel -- and it's a cool memory.

Edit -- here's a link with some pictures of the cabins --

Link to the printable PDF file on DB Night Trains -- all routes, amenities, etc... brochure.

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Thank you all very much. The experience of travelling on the overnight train and the security of a sleeper compartment has convinced me that it's the best way for us to go between the cities. We had considered flying but compared to the train it all sounds like too much trouble. I'm so excited.