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Amsterdam to Brugges

We are based on Amsterdam since we are using free Hilton points there (5 nights). I would really love to go to Brugges while we are there. Would it be feasible to do a day trip to Brugges from Amsterdam? Looks like it's around a 3 hour train ride each way, so a long day but possible (Thalys through Brussels and then train to Brugges?) Has anyone done this before or have alternate recommendations for how to get there?

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Bruges is doable as a long daytrip from Amsterdam, but pick your sight-seeing priorities carefully. You only have time to see a few of the city's many delights.

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A day return ticket on "regional" trains will be cheaper than a Thalys ticket to Brussels and then a Belgium ticket to Brugge. Also, then you will have the flexibility of not being stuck to one train time. - there are only 6 Thalys trains per day in each direction, while there is one Amsterdam - Brussels "regional" train per hour.

Also, there is no reason to go to Brussels - you can change trains in Antwerp (even if you do decide to take Thalys).

Also the train ride is more like 3 and a half hours each way from Amsterdam. (On Thalys from Amsterdam to Brussels to Brugge the train time is 4 hours).

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As Laura points out, the regional train is both faster and cheaper. But, at 3.5 hours each way, you might want to consider staying overnight to improve your experience. The earliest you'll arrive in Brugge from Amsterdam is around 9:30 am....and the latest train to get back leaves Brugge at 8:30 pm. That would leave you about 10.5 hours for sightseeing.

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If it's at all possible, I would recommend spending a night in Bruges. It is so beautiful, it would be a shame to rush through everything.

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One point to remember is that Brugges gets a lot of daytrippers so the trains are very crowded from about 4:30pm on even on weekdays. It took us a while to even get on a train - people were squeezing in so the doors could close. Forget about a seat until you get to Antwerp or Brussels. I would recommend spending the money to spend one night in Brugges - it's awesome! If that is not an option plan to leave earlier than the last train to make sure you get out. You don't mention when you are traveling?