Amsterdam - No transit service New Years Eve??

Hi, and Happy (amost) New Years. My daughter is in Amsterdam for NYE, and I see on their transit website that trams and buses stop running at 8pm on New Years Eve. Anyone know why? I have several guesses - are the streets too crowded to get thru? Are the people too drunk and rowdy and they either don't pay, or trash the trams? I can't imagine shutting down the New York subway on NYE, so I'm surprised to see this. Does anyone know the real reason? She was told to take a taxi from Rembrandtplein, back to her hostel, which is 2 miles away in Zeebergdyke, but I imagine the taxis will be hard to get at that time. Don't need any last minute help, but just curious, so thanks.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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Amsterdam's NYE celebrations happen at Dam Square. Almost all of the tram lines pass through Dam Square. With the large crowds it will be impossible for the trams to get through. The comparison to New York city is apple and oranges: subways run underground, trams above ground. Amsterdam's underground metro system should be running though. Check out this live webcam in Amsterdam with audio:

Posted by Stewart
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Makes sense, I see what you mean, all the routes do go thru Dam Sq, so that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the quick reply!