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Amsterdam, Munich, Prague, Krakow, Berlin, Hamburg

I would like to do this big loop over 3 to 4 weeks, flying from Toronto.

Here's what I have so far:

Friday to Monday (weekend)in Amsterdam, preferably a house boat rental

Tuesday, Wednesday in Munich

Thurday to Sunday in Prague (weekend)

Monday to Wednesday in Krakow

Thursday to Monday in Berlin (weekend)

Then, not sure best place to end up at to fly back to Toronto, Hamburg or Frankfurt, leaning towards Hamburg.

I am looking for suggestions about time of year (spring or fall) and transportation between these cities. I would also like to see some WWII historic sites including Auschwitz. Not too sure I want the challenge of Octoberfest. I am travelling alone.

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Thanks Steve. I might even try a sleeper train for one of the long hauls.

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Sounds like a reasonable plan, although I might add some more time for Munich, especially since you're coming all the way from Amsterdam. You may have trouble renting a houseboat for such a short time.

Spring or fall makes little difference for your itinerary. If you want to avoid Oktoberfest crowds, time your Munich visit in early September or mid October.

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When you're in Prague, make sure to check out the Jewish Quarter, if you're into WWII sights. And Terezin is a short train ride from there, too.

I thought the New Synagogue in Berlin was especially touching, mostly the way that it was thoughtfully redone.

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There are 3rd Reich walking tours in Berlin, as well as Sachsenhausen and Ravensbruck Concentration camps nearby. Berlin had the largest Jewish population before WW2, so there are quite a lot of places there to visit that have to do with the war. Potsdam is also lovely, not only the gorgeous palace but the park and grounds it sits in too. You might want to leave more time for Berlin as there is quite a lot to see there and frankly, it is a fascinating and exciting city to be in.

Spring is lovely in Germany, though early fall is too. No need to go to Oktoberfest, there are plenty of other fests in Germany to go to, all spring, summer and fall. All of them will probably be more fun and more interesting than Oktoberfest, cheaper too.

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Well, Dennis, if you're starting your tour in Amsterdam, by all means, go in the spring! The tulips and other spring flowers will be at their peak at Keukenhof from early to mid-April on. I've been twice and am tempted to go again, it's so beautiful. Also, you've got more daylight hours in spring. Have you considered going from Amsterdam to Berlin, to Prague, to Krakow and from there to Munich and fly home from there. If you want to see Hamburg, as well, maybe go there directly from Amsterdam and then on to Berlin. I'd also put Dresden in the loop, go there from Berlin and from there to Prague. There's a long distance bus from Dresden to Prague that's very reasonably priced. It also goes from Prague to Munich but I don't know about Krakow. I'm thinking about taking the bus from Dresden to Prague instead of taking the train this summer, it seems more scenic. Also, I agree with the other poster, two days is not really enough in Munich.

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Great advice!! Thanks for the tips. I like the idea of doing my loop in reverse - never thought of that.