Amsterdam Luggage

I've screwed my way into an eight-hour layover that starts before the cat houses open so I guess I'll walk around and eat. My dead brain won't let me picture where to stash my pack which will have too much expensive stuff to through-check. Where's the storage: Schipol/Centraal/both/neither? Anybody that says to watch out for pickpockets or to wear a money belt gets a bucket or armadillo guts on their doorstep.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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There are lockers both at Schipol and Centraal. Both only accept credit cards, magnetic strips will work. At Schipol there are lockers both past security and in the public areas. Best to use the lockers in the public area just past customs, can't miss them. Watch out for pickpockets and wear a money belt.

Posted by Ed
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I figured you'd get it, Michael. Thanks. Aramadillo guts will arrive at clothesline to hang with your drawers.