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I did a search here on Amsterdam hotels but all I saw was Hotel Brouwer which only has eight rooms. Planning on two nights in April - does anyone know other places in the city to stay convenient to sites, etc? Is it difficult to get on high speed train from Amsterdam into Paris? I read somewhere where reservations would be necessary with commuters using the train. Is this true? Thanks for your help once again :)

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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I like the RHO and Avenue Hotels; located in the Dam Square area. Amsterdam to Paris is served by the Thalys high-speed train. Reservation are mandatory and it uses airline style pricing. So for the cheapest fares you need to book immediately at You can print your tickets out at home.

Posted by Tom
Stafford, Virginia, USA
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We stayed at the Hotel Aalders, which is right next to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The hotel is also close to the tram stop that will take you right to the Central train station. There are also some other well-reviewed hotels in the area.

Posted by Laurie Beth
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Just curious, why did Hotel B having only 8 rooms bother you? Do you just prefer larger, more American hotels? I stayed at Hotel B last year twice. It is very well located and the hotel was plain, but charming. It had a small elevator, a computer for guest use, large bathrooms and a great view of the canal. It is really more of a B & B inn than a hotel

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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Lucky stated that she was traveling to Amsterdam next month, which is a few days away. Just a guess but it's entirely possible that a hotel with just 8 rooms is probably filled up at this late date.

Posted by Lucky
Charleston, SC
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Thanks for input. Couldn't get on Hotel Brouwer web site but since it sounded so popular and only eight rooms guess I assumed they would be booked but I will check out the other ones mentioned - thanks!

Posted by Jane
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We like the Hotel Fita. This is, however , high season for Amsterdam and it will be hard to find a room at this late date.

Posted by LaRae
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Used Hotel B numerous times and it's a great place to stay. Family run and very nice. I wouldn't worry about it only having 8 rooms. Reservations are done by email. Location is awesome too.

Posted by John
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We have used the Movenpick and it is a really nice hotel. It is a bit out but has wonderful rooms and in a nice area.

Posted by Dawn
Denver, CO
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You could try the Eelhouse B&B - it's lovely and walking distance to the Anne Frank house.

Posted by Jim
Houston, TX, USA
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We just checked out of the Canal House on Wednesday, and we would stay there again when in Amsterdam. The location is less than 3 blocks from the Anne Frankhuis and within walking distance to many sites. It is only 2 blocks from the tram. The staff couldn't have been more helpful. The rooms though extremely well appointed are small.

Posted by Susan
Atlanta, Ga, USA
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Just wondering about any noise issues with Hotel Brouwer. The hotel looks attractive and well priced which would fit our budget. Priceline is our other option but HB looks like a great location.

Posted by gone
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hi, a conveient place is relative to what you want to do/see in Amsterdam. i stayed near Vondel park and didnt think it was an issue getting to where i wanted to go/do or see. If you plot out on a map what you want to do and see, you will have a better idea on where you want to stay. for what its worth (fwiw) Amsterdam isnt that large of a city (sorry Amsterdam) that you cant walk from end to end in about 1 hour or less. At least to where the things are. Also, the bus/tram system is nice to get you around. If you look at Google Maps it will give you distances between A/B. but i would pad that number too. from this you will get an idea on how far you will need to travel from where you are staying. happy trails.

Posted by Melinda
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Hotel Weichmann in Jordaan area...great location, quiet, easy walk to museums, Ann Frank huis, restaurants. Very good breakfast, comfortable rooms.

Posted by Laurie Beth
Was MN, now TX
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Susan, noise can be an issue in Amsterdam on holiday week-ends or during times when lots of university students are in town. I stayed at HB in May and then again in June in 2012. The May visit was very quiet, but the June visit there was some noise. The rooms are not on the ground floor which helps, but if you have your window open, noice is always a possibility. I had my earplugs with me and it was not a problem.

Posted by Lucky
Charleston, SC
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Thank you all for your terrific input - HOWEVER - we have changed plans and will leave Brussels and go directly into Paris to Hotel Muguet in the 7th on a Saturday. Does anyone know anything about this hotel? We found it through Also - one quick question - do we need to reserve train on a Saturday - I know you do during week with all the commuters but should we still do it on a Saturday.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Lucky: you should post a new question with a new title, since you are no longer asking about an "Amsterdam Hotel," but a Paris one.