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Planning a trip that starts in Amsterdam (2 nights?), Brussles (day trip to Bruges) (2-night?), also want to see Mount Ste Michael and Normandy beaches (D-Day), and end in Paris for a few nights. Contemplating trains (but can rent car is more efficient). Does anyone have tips on itinerary, hotels, the best way get to Normandy region from Brussles and anything else. We've been to Paris before but hotel tips appreciated.
Thanks, Jim, Boston

Posted by Tom
Stafford, Virginia, USA
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We did a similar trip a couple of years ago, but bypassed Brussels. We began in Amsterdam, then took the Thalys fast train to Paris (about 3.5 hours). After a few days in Paris, we then took another train to Bayeux – around 2 hours. We stayed at a B&B in central Bayeux and took a couple of van tours to the D-Day beaches. The Churchill Hotel also had a day trip by van to Mt. St. Michel, but we did not take it. But your trip in eminently do-able by train, and if you get your train tickets early enough, it can be pretty inexpensive. For example, our Amsterdam-Paris round trip was around $100 each. Bayeux is great! Has a bunch of wonderful restaurants, such as La Frangole and Le Petit Normand, among others. Enjoy!