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Amsterdam for a Foodie traveling with her tastebuds (& husband).

We'll have a kinda centrally located apartment for a month this coming Spring so I (who love to cook) will be fixing breakfast and dinner OR lunch each day. This leaves us with a nice pot of money for that one meal out (most of which will, however, be modestly priced). Some of our favorite meals have been in what can only be described as ah, humble, very humble eateries tucked into back streets etc. Also have had some great meals in very upscale old family run places (reservations required because the locals flock to these established quality establishments). So, while I wouldn't spend major Euros for a meal for two night after night I would seriously splurge once or twice for something really special and then cook in
for a few days to even out the costs. SO....any recommends for Amsterdam from very humble to upscale special "gotta try this regional specialty" at XYZ. General street location/area appreciated.

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Try pindasaus (peanut-satay) on your fries. You only find it occassionally at Belgian frituurs, but I see it all the time in the Netherlands. Don't shy away from the various deep-fried mystery meats they also usually offer.

Dutch black licorice ("drop"). I can't guarantee you'll like it, but at least you'll have a story.

Pannekoeken. Enough said.

There's a small restaurant near Leidseplein that offers traditional Dutch food. I think the name was something like "De Blauwe tuilpen" (The Blue Tulip). Indigenous Dutch cuisine can be a little bland, but they serve an absolutely delicious smoked-sausage meal.

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As you'll be there for a month, you may want to try one of the excellent Indonesian restaurants. I quite enjoyed sampling Rijstaffel on my last visit there. I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but you should be able to find lots of good listings on Trip Advisor.

Happy travels!

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The restaurant near the Leidseplein Tom referred to is the Blauwe Hollander at Leidsekruisstraat 28.

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i know that many will not like this, but i would suggest looking at FEBO. Its not fancy and its a fast food place, but it hit the spot and they had some interesting and tasty stuff. I liked the vending machine type interface, but you could order from the counter too.

happy trails.

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They've already hit the high spots of Dutch cuisine for me.

FEBO are these little storefronts that have food behind a wall of little windows you insert money into. But it's their cones of french fries and soft serve ice cream I'm after. The ice cream tastes like you're eating sweet cream, and it is fantastic.

Amsterdam also has a bunch of Argentine steak houses. The meat is so far superior to anything we get in the U.S.

We ate at an Indonesian Rijstaffel about a block behind the Hard Rock Cafe one night. They just kept bringing us little dishes of food.., wave after wave. And the food is fantastic. The people working in the restaurant we were in were the sweetest, most gentle wait staff we've ever seen.

You'll just need to get out in your neighborhood and try out some of the cuisine. Sitting by a canal watching the tourboats come by in the afternoon drinking a tall Heiniken makes for a great day.

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I've tried a bunch of the "Argentine" steakhouses in Amsterdam, and all have been very mediocre; I wouldn't waste my money on them. FEBO exists purely to satisfy the cities munchies needs. If the the Dutch government were to ban ganja the chain would go out of business the next day:)

For another upscale restaurant serving Dutch cuisine check out the New Dorrius at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

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One place that has been on the edge of surviving or not for a long time is (was) De Keuken van 1870 at Spuistraat 4. I have seen that it may have breathed its last - for which I would be very sad - and also that it may have been given another small lease on life.

In any event if you are there you could have a walk up to the location and see what you see. A very simple place with fantastic prices and fabulous takes on very traditional Dutch and Noord Holland specialities, including a great stamppot.

Good luck.

There is a particular Indonesian restaurant I like very much but you would have to get over to Haarlem; the Laughing Javanes in English, De Lachende Javaan in Dutch.

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Last night on Esquire network I watched an episode of "The Getaway". Seth Myers (may not be spelled correctly) and his brother did a "foodie" tour of Amsterdam. Many of the places and things they did are touched on here in your replies...but you may enjoy watching it anyway. I wish I had seen it before my trip last year. I know it is being repeated throughout the week because I went and found it again on Friday and am DVRing it for my sister to watch. (she is going next year.) Have a great trip.

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I watched that episode of "The Getaway" last night as well.... And now I want to go back to Amsterdam immediately !

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Thank you all very much. I've lived in Asia so Indonesian food with all the little dishes served with rice sounds great. Our son lives in Texas so he knows all the hole in the wall steak houses(yumm) but the best two steaks I've ever had were in Siena Italy and Buenos Aries. So we will try more than one of these options at different places for variety. The rest of the time it's back to fruits, vegies and whole grains. Be bad but not all the time is our motto. I am looking forward to trying an FEBO just for the trip down memory lane and a childhood trip to NYC. As for the licorice I believe it is salted. Will for sure try it. Nothing, but nothing, can be worse than a liquor called Unicom I had in Budapest. It was like sipping liquid aluminum foil. But, hey, you don't know unless you try it! My Japanese daughter-in-law thinks baked beans are about as tasty as rotten eggs so there you go!

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Laura- Me too! I am helping my sister plan her trip and that has not bothered me at all. But seeing it on the show made me want to jump on a plane!

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I had the best Korean food in the red light district.

We got there late and were informed the kitchen was closed, so we just sat at the bar for a drink. Then the cook decided he wouldn't mind staying late after all. And we got some advice about nightlife from the friendly waitress.

I have a layover in Amsterdam on Saturday and am somewhat hoping there is a delay just so I can have the chance to eat there again.
Check it out: