We are thinking about taking a train from Calais to Amiens and spend a couple of nights before heading to Paris. This will be our first time taking the Ferry across the Channel and heading south. Since it appears it will take us almost an entire day from London by train to Dover by Ferry to Calais and then train to Amiens, will a two night stay be long enough to explore Amiens? I thought we would stay in the hotel center by the cathedral...does anyone have an opinion? Thanks, Jan

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, If you have two days for Amiens, the city is well worth your time, the cathedral being just one of the highlights. The times I've been to Amiens on the Somme have been day trips from Arras or Paris by the TER train, one of those trains you can just hop on with a ticket. Amiens is a good walking town. I also recommend a town near Amiens, sort of between Paris and Amiens, where you won't see any tourists, certainly no Americans, if you want to do a short day trip...that's Beauvais. The military cemetery is close to an hour from the cathedral. When I saw last summer, the scaffolding was around the interesting place.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I really enjoyed Amiens. It shouldn't take all day to get there though. Just over an hour, if you pick the right train, from London St Pancras to Dover Priory on the bullet train Javelin. Slower from Victoria, Charing Cross or London Bridge. about 90 minutes on the boat. About 2 hours on the train to Amiens. a bit of connection time.

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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I just left Amiens, and went to Beauvais for an afternoon. The churches in each city are beautiful, the atmosphere is friendly, and the food is great.

Posted by nancy
bethesda, md, us
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Just left Amiens. The cathedral is spectacular, as you know. The enormity is amazing. We didn't have time but check out the unique Hortonillonages. These are water gardens maintained for several centuries by individual families to grow food for market. You take boat rides through the gardens. Very near the medieval area.

Posted by Jan
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Everyone has been amazing. I now think we will take Eurostar to Lille and a local train to Amiens so we will have enough time. Thanks all!

Posted by mary
Melbourne, Australia
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We spent a week there 2 years ago. Stayed at the Victor Hugo hotel which is pretty basic but the owners are friendly and it is close to the cathedral. Don't miss the floating gardens or Jules Vernes house. It is also close to Villiers Bretonneux but perhaps it as was important as we are Australians