OK So I've been researching the past few days and I realize that the Romantic Road may be a little too crowded and popular for our liking and a rock concert in Rothenburg exactly the days we'd be there made us think again. We'd like to fly into Frankfurt and rent a car and eventually end up 3/4 days later in Munich to fly out. Are there any suggestions for routes to take where the scenery is lovely and there are small picturesque towns but it's not entirely on the Romantic Road. we are going early August. We like wine, wandering around, just casually taking in the area....thanks!

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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Either of the above would be filled with wonderful scenery. My I suggest a few add-ons? For the first option, from the Neckar valley at Eberbach, consider a detour north to Erbach and Michelstadt (and possibly to Lindenfels) through the magnificent Odenwald mountains. Well, the mountains themselves are not particularly impressive, but the rural scenery is picture-perfect. On the Bergstraße, check out the Altstadt of either Heppenheim or Weinheim (or both). For option two, check out Speyer (virtually untouched in WWII, even though the surrounding cities were pummeled), and from Landau, take a brief detour west into the Pfälzerwald to Annweiler am Triefels to see the two castles.

Posted by Andreas
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Certainly. From Frankfurt Airport take Autobahn A5 South, from Darmstadt A67 South, from Viernheim A6 West to Grünstadt exit (up to here a 1 hour drive). Then take the German Wine road through the beautiful, scenic Palatinate mountains. You'll see why it's also referred to as the Tuscany of the North. Follow the Wine Road all the way South until the greater Landau area. With no stops that's anther 90 minutes drive but I'd definitely stop and eat somewhere. From Landau take A65 South, from Karlsruhe A5 South to Baden Baden. Stay there overnight. From Baden Baden follow the Black Forrest route B500 all the way South-East... stay on B500 until it ends and you're forced to take B28 either W or E bound. East bound towards Freudenstadt. From there you can spend another day in the Black Forrest or take the Lake of Constance route via Lindau to Munich or back up to Stuttgart for the freeway to Munich (A8)...

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Be sure and pullup Castle HARBURG. It is a trip. Not expensive, good food and very old. We always stay in the portcullis room on the top floor. The village of Harburg is very small.