Albuferia, Portugal vs Balearic Islands Ibiza or Mallorca

Visiting Mom in early June, 2013, in the UK from the US and looking for a sunny/warm 7 night side trip. Travel companions are hubby (also in his 50's), 2 late 20 year old sons and their girls (1 wife; 1 girlfriend), plus possibly Mom and Auntie (late 70's). The sons and girls want night life and beaches (Ibiza), the rest want sights and culture. I'm in the middle wanting both. Travel packages from the UK point towards Albuferia, Portugal, or Ibiza/Mallorca, Spain. The most important factor is cost. We're on a budget since we'll be picking up the cost of the lodging for all. Help with desitination and lodging choices would help us tremendously. When our destination is picked, we'll look into sights and day trips.

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