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airport of Caen in Normandie, France.

I am planning a trip to Normandy in France, in the first half of May in 2014. Are there scheduled airline flights to the airport of Caen from an airport in England ? Four travel guide books on France do not have any information about flights to the airport of Caen.

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I Googled your question and was referred to TripAdvisor which showed flights from London Heathrow to Caen... but the cheapest flight in mid-May is $1225. Flight is shared with Iberia and Hop! Plane flies to Paris (CDG), then second plane to Caen.

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I appreciate Susan's work. RyanAir and EasyJet do not have flights to the airport of Caen in France. I thought there might be flights to the airport of Caen, direct from an airport in England, because there now is a flight to the airport of Deauville in France (at the Channel coast, west of Honfleur) from the London City Airport. (The airline is CityJet). Those flights are not every day.

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I believe you're referring to Carpiquet airport. I've looked into the possibility of flights there in the past, but those I found were horrendously expensive and few in number. According to THIS PAGE on their website, they don't offer any flights to or from the U.K. at all.

Your best bet for travel from the U.K. to Normandy is either the EuroStar from London to Paris, and then train from Gare St. Lazare to either Caen or Bayeux OR a flight to CDG or ORY and then train to Normandy.

One interesting historic note is that the airport at Carpiquet is a significant site for Canadians, as it was captured by elements of the 3rd Infantry division and Royal Winnipeg Rifles during the Normandy campaign, after a hard fought battle that lasted several days.

Happy travels!