Air conditioning in Provence/Paris?

Hello, When looking for lodging in Provence and Paris in August, is it important to look for places with air-conditioning? I imagine it might get hot in the South of France, perhaps Paris, too. What if proprietors say they have thick stone walls, so the rooms are okay without air-conditioning? Never having stayed at a place with thick stone walls, I wouldn't know. Thanks.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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In Paris get a/c in country side ( Provence) it can be very hot, but at least you are not surrounded by cement and other buildings so air may move, plus you can leave windows open for air circulation in country and not have to deal with city noise.. BUT most places don't have window screens so I would ask about that if considering no ac in country, in Paris though I just would get ac. Note, I have roasted in Paris in summer, BUT I also went one August about 4-5 years ago , and it was cool and rainy for 7 of 9 days there.. but that was unusual but not unheard of.. personally I just don't take the chance , after touring around all day in 90 or 100 degree heat I need a cool retreat..

Posted by Kim
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If you'll search on the Helpline, you'll find many discussions of this vey question. The short answer is yes, you're likely to need a/c in Paris in August. buildings aren"t built to disperse the heat, so it gets uncomfortably hot at much lower temperatures than it does at home.

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It sounds like a hotel has told you that thick stone walls keep the hotel cool. Yes, thick stone walls keep rooms cool. However, I can't tell you if the rooms in this particular place are okay. Why don't you post the name of the hotel, and maybe someone who has stayed there can tell you.

Posted by Sarah
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My rule now is always book with A/C in the summer in Paris. You might not need it, but if you do, you'll REALLY need it.

Posted by Grier
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A few years ago we stayed in Vaison la Romaine at Hotel le Beffroi, a very old building with thick walls, in July. The weather was very hot and we spent some time at the beautiful hotel pool in the afternoon because it was too hot to do anything else. The hotel rooms were fine for sleeping, not too warm at all.